We are storytellers. One Focus Video is a production company that can take an idea, transform it into meaningful video and share it with the world.


Full Production

We'll put our focus on the production, so you don't have to. We handle all aspects of your production, from concept straight through to completion.

White Label Production

Fulfill the needs of your clients while we work as an extension of your brand. You decide our role in the production, managing however much of the project as you choose.

Collaborative Production

Let's team up! We work alongside  your in house or existing production team. Whatever your needs may be. We'll take your ideas to the next level and enhance existing productions.




We're a unique group of visual storytellers who will transform your ideas into
impactful and emotional video.

Collectively we have produced content for national broadcasts, national non-profits
and Fortune 500 companies.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of production, made up of multi-talented producers, cinematographers, editors and on-air talent.

Our one focus is telling your story.

drop us a line 631.539.1681

 write to us hi@onefocus.com